alex & alexus

I met Alexus when I went to BU. We went on the same ASB (alternative spring break) to Antelope Island in Utah and helped out around the state park planting food for the bison (SO COOL THEY WERE EVERYWHERE) and it was awesome and Alexus is awesome. She was also there with her best friend Anna who is going to be the maid of honor at her wedding and I love that so much. When I met Alex and Alexus to talk about their wedding I was obviously so excited to see Alexus again and to meet the one who had swept her off her feet! Alex is just as amazing and it was so obvious that they were a perfect match. Right off the bat you could tell how they put each other at ease and it was so nice to see. I’m so excited for their wedding in 2020!!

I’m not sure if anyone reading this was following me when I offered a few free couple locations in epic places but Alex and Alexus were one of the couples that reached out so we went to the epic and amazing White Mountains in New Hampshire together and then they stayed the night in a cute little A-frame cabin. The pics say it all so enjoy looking through!